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School Karma

Pay It Forward

In effort to recycle and reuse, the School Karma section is for educators like you who have old lab furniture they do not want to throw in the dumpster, but would rather give away.  Your furniture could be the perfect fit for a less funded school.  So pass it on…. and pay it forward. It’s just good School Karma.

Schools can post up to 5 photos of the lab furniture they want to give away with a brief description of the items. This service is free from S+B.  If you have items to post call 800-689-0815 or email us at sales@splusbusa.com for more information.

ABC High School (Sample)

Brooklyn, NY
Contact: Mr. Joe Smith Principal


  • Loose wooden science tables approx. 15 years old.
  • Laminate tops.
    2’ x 4’ x 30” h

Awesome High School (Sample)

Baltimore MD
Contact: Ms. Susan Smith


  • Chemistry Lab benches 4’ x 16’ long
  • Cabinets oak
  • Tops slate or epoxy

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  • Lab utilities and services
  • Estimated date of installation

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