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Product Details

With their high-tech, contemporary look, Saturn and Mercury workstations are ideal for designing state-of-the-art science learning environments. The flexible design means students can safely and easily work in various size groups or turn to face front for lecture. Centrally located service turrets makes services easily accessible to all students. Plus, the Corian turrets are seamlessly joined to the work surface, which eliminates dirt traps and makes clean up simple.

Key Features

  • Saturn 6’D x 36”H circular workstation seats 8-9 students
  • Mercury 9’L x 6’D x 36”H ovoid workstation seats 10-11 students
  • Mix and match as Stand-alone, Barbell or in Triad configurations
  • Optional Sink Linking units carry services, reducing trenching costs
  • Optional Service Turret offers convenient access to water, gas, electrical and data
  • Optional LED lighting inside the Turrets illuminates work surfaces
  • Work surfaces available in Trespa, Polylab, Corian or Epoxy
  • Durable steel frames with a 25-year Life Expectancy

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