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Product Details

The Mobiline sets a new standard for re-circulatory mobile fume hoods and helps to create a contemporary, flexible learning environment. Designed to withstand daily classroom use, this unit can be moved around the classroom or shared among several classrooms with docking stations to connect services. It is an excellent cost-effective solution when venting to the outside is not possible or practical.

Key Features

  • Meets DN29 for school re-circulatory fume cupboards and the more rigorous BSI4175 test protocols for university and commercial research fume hoods
  • 360-Degree viewing for ease of demonstration
  • No vented extraction system required
  • Vertical sliding sash (front viewing window) provides better protection
  • Energy-efficient interior LED strip lights
  • Heavy-duty, lockable castors ensure safe, easy movement and prevent accidental movement when not in use
  • Self-closing, quick-release service couplings and reinforced flexible supply lines for water, gas, waste and electricity
  • Alarm and control panel with on/off activation, audible and visual alarm for fan/air fail
  • Includes quality-built under bench storage cabinet
  • Filter life span up to 5 years

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