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Product Details

Designed to withstand heavy classroom use, the Ecoline vented fume hood features an ergonomic design and provide up to 22% more internal working space than the competition. Plus, the Ecoline fume hood requires 40% less energy to run on a daily basis and will easily pay for itself over time in energy savings.

Key Features

  • Meets BSI4175 and ASHRAE standards for safety
  • Extraction volume is 408 m3/h with a pressure drop of 39 Pa
  • Easy-to-use front sash is made from 6mm-thick clear toughed glass complete with D handles for convenient work height adjustment
  • Counterbalanced opening for safety with preset 400 mm working height (key access provides extension up to 28 inches)
  • Durable solid wall construction
  • Includes a twin fluorescent sealed light chamber to provide a minimum of 500 Lux at worktop level
  • Dished worktops available in a variety of chemically resistant materials
  • Worktop height is 36 inches
  • Requires a motor/fan plus extraction system
  • Cabinet dimensions are 40-inches or 60-inches wide by 30-inches deep

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